LLVM Project News and Details from the Trenches

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TCE project: Co-design of application-specific processors with LLVM-based compilation support

TTA-based Codesign Environment (TCE) is an application-specific instruction-set processor (ASIP) design toolset developed in Tampere University of Technology in several research projects since 2003. This blog post introduces the project and how LLVM is used in it to provide high-level language compiler support for the designed ASIPs.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New "lldb" Debugger

I'm happy to announce a great new subproject of LLVM: LLDB. LLDB is a modern debugger infrastructure which is built (like the rest of LLVM) as a series of modular and reusable libraries. LLDB builds on existing LLVM technologies like the enhanced disassembler APIs, the Clang ASTs and expression parser, the LLVM code generator and JIT compiler.

While still in early development, LLDB supports basic command line debugging scenarios on the Mac, is scriptable, and has great support for multithreaded debugging. LLDB is already much faster than GDB when debugging large programs, and has the promise to provide a much better user experience (particularly for C++ programmers). We are excited to see the new platforms, new features, and enhancements that the broader LLVM community is interested in.

If you'd like to try out LLDB and participate in its development, please visit http://lldb.llvm.org/ and consider signing up for the lldb-dev and lldb-commits mailing lists.

-Chris and the LLDB Team

Monday, June 7, 2010

LLVM receives first ever SIGPLAN Software Systems Award

Today the ACM announced that Chris Lattner and the LLVM Project are the recipient of the Programming Languages Software Award.

This award recognizes the impact that LLVM has had on the compiler research community, which can be seen in the large number of research publications using LLVM and the number of compiler courses that are using LLVM to teach compiler construction and optimization techniques. As part of this award, the ACM is donating $2500 to the LLVM project.