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LLVM Debian/Ubuntu nightly packages

In order to facilitate testing and to improve the deployment of the LLVM toolchain, we are happy to publish LLVM Debian/Ubuntu nightly packages. Read on for information about how it works and what we're building.

These packages provide LLVM, Clang, compiler-rt, polly and LLDB.
They are built for Debian:
  • Wheezy (future stable)
  • Unstable
and Ubuntu:
  • Precise
  • Quantal
  • Raring
 For now, amd64 and i386 are supported.

For example, installing the nightly build of clang 3.3 is as simple as:
echo "deb llvm-toolchain-wheezy main"> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/llvm.list
apt-get update
apt-get install clang-3.3

Packages are automatically built twice a day for every architecture and operating system in clean chroots. They are built by a Jenkins instance hosted by IRILL and push the LLVM infrastructure.




wheezy (currently testing)
deb llvm-toolchain-wheezy main
deb-src llvm-toolchain-wheezy main

sid (unstable)
deb llvm-toolchain main
deb-src llvm-toolchain main


Precise (12.04)
deb llvm-toolchain-precise main
deb-src llvm-toolchain-precise main
Quantal (12.10)

deb llvm-toolchain-quantal main
deb-src llvm-toolchain-quantal main
Raring (13.04)
deb llvm-toolchain-raring main
deb-src llvm-toolchain-raring main



The following commands will install all packages provided by the llvm-toolchain:

apt-get install clang-3.3 clang-3.3-doc libclang-common-dev libclang-dev libclang1 libclang1-dbg libllvm-3.3-ocaml-dev libllvm3.3 libllvm3.3-dbg lldb-3.3 llvm-3.3 llvm-3.3-dev llvm-3.3-doc llvm-3.3-examples llvm-3.3-runtime


Technical workflow

Twice a day, each jenkins job will checkout the debian/ directory necessary to build the packages. The repository is available on the Debian hosting infrastructure: In the llvm-toolchain-*-source, the following tasks will be performed:
  • upstream sources will be checkout
  • tarballs will be created. They are named:
    • llvm-toolchain_X.Y~svn123456.orig-lldb.tar.bz2
    • llvm-toolchain_X.Y~svn123456.orig-compiler-rt.tar.bz2
    • llvm-toolchain_X.Y~svn123456.orig.tar.bz2
    • llvm-toolchain_X.Y~svn123456.orig-clang.tar.bz2
    • llvm-toolchain_X.Y~svn123456.orig-polly.tar.bz2
  • Debian .dsc package description is created
  • Start the jenkins job llvm-toolchain-X-binary
Then, the job llvm-toolchain-X-binary will:
  • Create a chroot using cowbuilder or update it is already existing
  • Install libisl >=0.11 if necessary (for polly)
  • Build all the packages
  • Launch lintian, the Debian static analyzer
  • Publish the result on the LLVM repository
Note that a few patches are applied over the LLVM tarballs (and should be merged upstream soon).


This versatile infrastructure allows some more interesting features like:
  • Automatic launch of scan-build on the whole code
  • Full bootstrap of LLVM/Clang
  • Code coverage on the latest release