LLVM Project News and Details from the Trenches

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LLVM 3.3 Vectorization Improvements

I would like to give a brief update regarding vectorization in LLVM. When LLVM 3.2 was released, it featured a new experimental loop vectorizer that was disabled by default. Since LLVM 3.2 was released, we have continued to work hard on improving vectorization, and we have some news to share. First, the loop vectorizer has new features and is now enabled by default on -O3. Second, we have a new SLP vectorizer. And finally, we have new clang command line flags to control the vectorizers.

Monday, May 6, 2013

EuroLLVM 2013, Paris, France

Two days after the end of EuroLLVM 2013, I finally got the energy to write a piece about it. It was a lot of hard work by an amazing team of volunteer organizers lead by Tobias Grosser, Duncan Sands, Sylvestre Ledru and Arnaud de Grandmaison, plus the usual suspects of the previous events, and in the end there was very little that had gone wrong, even in the slightest.

This was our biggest event yet, with 187 attendees, 12 talks, 2 tutorials, 7 lightning talks and 10 posters! The posters, slides and videos are available on the EuroLLVM 2013 website, as well as some idea on the abstracts, location (ENS, in Paris) and the great dinner cruise on Monday.

You can also find on the site the results of our questionnaire, distilled and anonymized.