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LLVM Weekly - #33, Aug 18th 2014

Welcome to the thirty-third issue of LLVM Weekly, a weekly newsletter (published every Monday) covering developments in LLVM, Clang, and related projects.LLVM Weekly is brought to you by Alex Bradbury.Subscribe to future issues at and pass it on to anyone else you think may be interested. Please send any tips or feedback to, or @llvmweekly or @asbradbury on Twitter.

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News and articles from around the web

Binaries for LLVM/Clang 3.5RC2 are now available for testing. Try it on your codebases, and be sure to report any regressions.

LDC 0.14.0 has been released. LDC is an LLVM-based compiler for the D programming language. There's a mixture of new features and bug fixes, see the release notes for full details of what's changed.

Viva64, who sell the PVS-Studio static analyzer has written up their experiences of using the Clang static analyzer on the PVS-Studio codebase. It managed to find 12 issues which the blog author considers genuine bugs.

On the mailing lists

LLVM commits

  • FastISel for AArch64 will now make use of the zero register when possible and supports more addressing modes. r215591, r215597.

  • MIPS gained support for the .end, .end, .frame, .mask, and .fmask assembler directives. r215359.

  • ARM gained the MRS/MSR system instructions. r215700.

Clang commits

  • Documentation has been added describing how the Language options in .clang-format files works. r215443.

  • Prefetch intrinsics were added for ARM and AArch64. r215568, r215569.

  • The logic for the -include command line parameter is now properly implemented. r215433.

Other project commits

  • LLD now has initial support for ELF/AArch64. r215544.

  • UndefinedBehaviourSanitizer gained a returns-nonnull sanitizer. This verifies that functions annotated with returns_nonnull do return nonnull pointers. r215485.

  • A number of lldb tests now compile on Windows. r215562.