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LLVM Weekly - #79, Jul 6th 2015

Welcome to the seventy-ninth issue of LLVM Weekly, a weekly newsletter (published every Monday) covering developments in LLVM, Clang, and related projects. LLVM Weekly is brought to you by Alex Bradbury. Subscribe to future issues at and pass it on to anyone else you think may be interested. Please send any tips or feedback to, or @llvmweekly or @asbradbury on Twitter.

Last week I was in Berkeley for the second RISC-V conference. If you weren't able to make it, worry not because I liveblogged both day one and day two.

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News and articles from around the web

Stephen Cross has released llvm-abi, a library for generating LLVM IR that complies with platform ABIs.

This is a rather cute implementation of Tetris in C++ header files, compatible with Clang.

On the mailing lists

LLVM commits

  • The initial skeleton of the WebAssembly backend has been committed. It is not yet functional. r241022.

  • DIModule metadata nodes have been introduced. A DIModule is meant to be used to record modules importaed by the current compile unit. r241017.

  • New exception handling intrinsics have been added for recovering and restoring parent frames. r241125.

Clang commits

  • Clang gained support for the x86 builtin __builtin_cpu_supports. r240994.

  • The Clang man pages have been converted to Sphinx (from .pod). r241037.

Other project commits

  • libcxx gained shared_mutux. r241067.

  • LLD has gained some generally applicable optimisations. e.g. devirtualizing SymbolBody and compacting its in-memory representation. r241001.

  • LLD's COFF linker can now link a working 64-bit debug build of Chrome. chrome.dll takes 24 seconds (vs 48 seconds for linking it with MSVC). r241318.

  • LLDB grew an example of scripted steps in Python. r241216.