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Monday, February 29, 2016

LLVM Weekly - #113, Feb 29th 2016

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LLVM commits

  • The Sparc backend now contains definitions for all registers and instructions defined in the Sparc v8 manual. r262133.

  • LLVM gained a basic LoopPassManager, though it currently only contains dummy passes. r261831.

  • A number of TargetInstrInfo predicates now take a reference to a MachineInstr rather than a pointer. r261605.

  • The WebAssembly backend gained redzone support for the userspace stack. r261662.

Clang commits

  • Whole-program vtable optimisation is now available in Clang using the -fwhole-program-vtables flag. r261767.

  • Clang gained __builtin_canonicalize which returns the platform-specific canonical encoding of a floating point number. r262122.

  • A hasAnyName matcher was added. r261574.

  • The pointer arithmetic checker has been improved to report fewer false positives. r261632.

Other project commits

  • The new ELF linker gained support for identical code folding (ICF). This reduces the size of an LLD binary by 3.6% and of a Clang binary by 2.7%. As described in the commit message, this is not a "safe" version of ICF as implemented in GNU gold, so will cause issues if the input relies on two distinct functions always having distinct addresses. r261912.

  • Polly's tree now contains an update_check.py script that may be useful to other LLVM devs. It updates a FileCheck-based lit test by updating the CHECK: lines with the actual output of the RUN: command. r261899.

  • LLDB gained a new set of plugins to help debug Java programs, specifically Java code JIT-ed by the Android runtime. r262015.

  • The new OpenMP 4.5 affinity API is now supported in LLVM's openmp implementation. r261915.

  • The new ELF linker gained support for the -r command-line option, which produces relocatable output (partial linking). r261838.

  • The CMake/lit runner for SPEC in the LLVM test-suite can now run the C CPU2006 floating point benchmarks (but not the Fortran ones). r261816.

  • The old ELF linker has been deleted from LLD. r262158.