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FOSDEM 2019 LLVM developer room report

As well as at the LLVM developer meetings, the LLVM community is also present at a number of other events. One of those is FOSDEM, which has had a dedicated LLVM track since 2014.
Earlier this February, the LLVM dev room was back for the 6th time.

FOSDEM is one of the largest open source conferences, attracting over 8000 developers attending over 30 parallel tracks, occupying almost all space of the ULB university campus in Brussels.

In comparison to the LLVM developer meetings, this dev room offers more of an opportunity to meet up with developers from a very wide range of open source projects.

As in previous years, the LLVM dev room program consisted of presentations with a varied target audience, ranging from LLVM developers to LLVM users, including people not yet using LLVM but interested in discovering what can be done with it. 
On the day itself, the room was completely packed for most presentations, often with people waiting outside to be able to enter for the next presentation.
Slides and videos of the presentations are available via the links below

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to the LLVM Foundation, which sponsored travel expenses for a few presenters who couldn't otherwise have made it to the conference.