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LLVM 3.3 Released!

LLVM 3.3 is now available! For details, you can read the Release Notes.

LLVM 3.3 is a big release: it adds new targets for the AArch64 and AMD R600 GPU architectures, adds support for IBM's z/Architecture S390 systems, and major enhancements for the PowerPC backend (including support for PowerPC 2.04/2.05/2.06 instructions, and an integrated assembler) and MIPS targets.

Performance of code generated by LLVM 3.3 is substantially improved: the auto-vectorizer produces much better code in many cases and is on by default at -O3, a new SLP vectorizer is available, and many general improvements landed in this release. Independent evaluations show that LLVM 3.3's performance exceeds that of LLVM 3.2 and of its primary competition on many benchmarks.

3.3 is also a major milestone for the Clang frontend: it is now fully C++'11 feature complete. At this point, Clang is the only compiler to support the full C++'11 standard, including important C++'11 library features like std::regex. Clang now supports Unicode characters in identifiers, the Clang Static Analyzer supports several new checkers and can perform interprocedural analysis across C++ constructor/destructor boundaries, and Clang even has a nice "C++'11 Migrator" tool to help upgrade code to use C++'11 features and a "Clang Format" tool that plugs into vim and emacs (among others) to auto-format your code.

LLVM 3.3 is the result of an incredible number of people working together over the last six months, but this release would not be possible without our volunteer release team! Thanks to Bill Wendling for shepherding the release, and to Ben Pope, Dimitry Andric, Nikola Smiljanic, Renato Golin, Duncan Sands, Arnaud A. de Grandmaison, Sebastian Dre├čler, Sylvestre Ledru, Pawel Worach, Tom Stellard, Kevin Kim, and Erik Verbruggen for all of their contributions pulling the release together.

If you have questions or comments about this release, please contact the LLVMdev mailing list! Onward to LLVM 3.4!