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LLVM Weekly - #130, Jun 27th 2016

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News and articles from around the web

After recently being taken down due to excessive resource usage, the LLVM apt repositories are now back.
A detailed introduction to ThinLTO has been published on the LLVM blog. This covers the background, design, current status, and usage information for ThinLTO.
A post on Reddit gives a summary of notable language features voted into the C++17 working draft at the Oulu meeting.

On the mailing lists

LLVM commits

  • The new representation for control-flow integrity and virtual call metadata has landed. The commit message further details the problems this change addresses. r273729.
  • The llvm.type.checked.load intrinsic was added. It loads a function pointer from a virtual table pointer using type metadata. r273576.
  • As part of the work on CFL-AA, interprocedural function summaries were added. These avoid recomputation for many properties of a function. r273219, r273596.
  • MemorySSA gained new APIs for PHI creation and MemoryAccess creation. r273295.
  • Metadata attachments are now allowed for declarations. r273336.
  • A new runtimes directory was added to the LLVM tree. r273620.
  • LLVM's dynamic loader gained basic support for COFF ARM. r273682.

Clang commits

  • constexpr if support has been added to Clang. r273602.
  • clang-tidy has a new modernize-use-emplace check that will replace calls of push_back to emplace_back. r273275.
  • The CMake build system for Clang gained a ENABLE_X86_RELAX_RELOCATIONS option. r273224.

Other project commits

  • Basic support for versioned symbols was added to LLD. r273143.
  • LLD now handles both single and double dashes for all options. r273256.