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Announcing the new LLVM Foundation Board

The LLVM Foundation is pleased to announce its new Board of Directors, which includes:

  • Kit Barton
  • Kristof Beyls
  • Mike Edwards (Treasurer)
  • Hal Finkel
  • Cyndy Ishida
  • Anton Korobeynikov
  • Tanya Lattner (President)
  • Chris Lattner
  • Tom Stellard (Secretary)

Three new members and six continuing members were elected to the nine person board. Thank you to retiring board members Chandler Carruth, Arnaud de Grandmaison, and John Regehr for all of their contributions to the board.

We were pleased to have many qualified applicants to the Board of Directors this year, which enabled us to make the board stronger than ever. Unfortunately, this also meant that we could not include everyone that we wanted to. Our goal was to create a balanced board of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and locations, and to provide a voice to many groups within the LLVM community. This is always a challenge with such a large and vibrant community, and such a small board.

About the board of directors (listed alphabetically by last name):

Kit Barton:

Kit Barton has been contributing to LLVM since 2015. His contributions have primarily been to the PowerPC backend and loop optimizations including the loop fusion pass. He has presented multiple technical talks, and tutorials at the LLVM Dev conferences over the last two years.

In addition to the contributions to LLVM, over the last two years Kit has driven the effort within IBM to migrate their proprietary C/C++ and Fortran compilers to leverage LLVM technology. He has also been involved in organizing the LLVM Meetups in Toronto as well as the Loop Optimization Working Group.

Kit is currently the technical lead for C/C++ and Fortran compilers on POWER and z/OS at IBM.

Kristof Beyls:

Kristof Beyls has worked on LLVM since about 2010, initially as part of tech leading the migration of Arm’s C/C++ toolchain to be based on LLVM technology. Since then, Kristof has worked on a large number of code generation projects using LLVM. He has contributed to LLVM in the areas of security mitigations, performance tuning, Arm backends, test-suite, LNT, etc.

He has been helping with the organization of EuroLLVM meetings since the start; has been organizing the FOSDEM LLVM dev rooms for the past couple of years and has organized a few socials in Belgium. He has also been on the program committee for a few of the dev meetings.

Kristof is Senior Principal Engineer at Arm.

Mike Edwards:

Mike Edwards has been involved with the LLVM Project since 2016 and has been most active behind the scenes working on infrastructure related issues. Mike joined the LLVM Foundation Board in 2018 and was elected Treasurer. Mike has used the past two years to help further the Foundations programs and support the many efforts of the Foundation to reach new users of LLVM technologies. Mike is looking forward to working with the new Board Members elected this year to help further the program development and outreach of the Foundation.

Mike is currently working as a Software Engineer at Apple, Inc. working on the Continuous Integration and Quality Engineering efforts for LLVM and Clang development.

Hal Finkel:

Hal Finkel has been an active contributor to the LLVM project since 2011. He is the code owner for the PowerPC target, the alias-analysis infrastructure, and other components.

In addition to his numerous technical contributions, Hal has chaired the LLVM in HPC workshop, which is held in conjunction with Super Computing (SC), starting in 2014. This workshop provides a venue for the presentation of peer-reviewed HPC-related researching LLVM from both industry and academia. He has also been involved in organizing an LLVM-themed BoF session at SC and LLVM socials, in addition to organizing community technical calls for Flang and aliasing analysis.

Hal is Lead for Compiler Technology and Programming Languages at Argonne National Laboratory’s Leadership Computing Facility. His team at Argonne works on several LLVM-based projects. Hal also teaches a compilers course at the University of Chicago’s Masters Program in Computer Science.

Cyndy Ishida:

Cyndy Ishida is relatively new to the LLVM community. She began her involvement by contributing Mach-O Support to TextAPI in the past year, which serves as a condensed textual representation of dynamic libraries from a static linking perspective.

In addition to open source contributions, Cyndy has participated in the program committee for the 2020 US LLVM Developers’ Meeting and in the 2019 US Women in Compilers and Tools Workshop. With a long standing admiration for the LLVM Project and Foundation, Cyndy is passionate about supporting and expanding the community. She is excited to use her position to aid in educational outreach efforts as a driver to grow the set of diverse developers that make up the open source community, and is focused on advocating for inclusivity in the LLVM project.

Cyndy is a Compiler Engineer at Apple, Inc. concentrating on enhancing library support with Clang tooling.

Anton Korobeynikov:

Anton Korobeynikov has been an active contributor to the LLVM project since 2006. Over the years, he has numerous technical contributions to areas including Windows support, ELF features, debug info, exception handling, and backends such as ARM and x86. He was the original author of the MSP430 and original System Z backend.

In addition to his technical contributions, Anton has maintained LLVM’s participation in Google Summer of Code by managing applications, deadlines, and overall organization. He also supports the LLVM infrastructure and has been on numerous program committees for the LLVM Developers’ Meetings (both US and EuroLLVM).

Anton is currently an associate professor at the Saint Petersburg State University and has served on the LLVM Foundation board of directors for the last 6 years.

Tanya Lattner:

Tanya Lattner has been involved in the LLVM project for over 16 years. She began as a graduate student who wrote her master’s thesis using LLVM, and continued on using and extending LLVM technologies at various jobs during her career as a compiler engineer.

Tanya has been organizing the US LLVM Developers’ meeting since 2008 and attended every developer meeting. She was the LLVM release manager for 3 years, moderates the LLVM mailing lists, and helps administer the LLVM infrastructure servers, mailing lists, bugzilla, etc. Tanya has also been on the program committee for the US LLVM Developers’ meeting (4 years) and the EuroLLVM Developers’ Meeting (1 year).

With the support of the initial board of directors, Tanya created the LLVM Foundation, defined its charitable and education mission, and worked to get 501(c)(3) status. She is passionate about the LLVM Community and wants to help see it thrive and grow for years to come.

Tanya is the Chief Operating Officer and has served as the President of the LLVM Foundation board for the last 6 years.

Chris Lattner:

Chris Lattner is the founder of the LLVM project and has a lengthy history of technical contributions to the project over the years. He drove much of the early implementation, architecture, and design of LLVM, Clang, and MLIR. Chris actively participates in the LLVM Developers’ meeting, served on the LLVM Board of Directors for many years, and helps drive important discussions and policy decisions related to the LLVM project.

Outside of LLVM, Chris has served in a wide range of technical leadership positions at Apple, Tesla, Google, and SiFive. These have spanned domains including compiler infrastructure, developer tools in general, machine learning infrastructure, autonomous vehicles, and microprocessor design. More details are available in his resumé page.

Tom Stellard:

Tom Stellard has been contributing to the LLVM project since 2012. He was the original author of the AMDGPU backend and was also an active contributor to libclc. He has been the LLVM project’s stable release manager since 2014.

Tom is currently a Software Engineer at Red Hat and is the technical lead for emerging toolchains including Clang/LLvm. He also maintains the LLVM packages for the Fedora project.