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Introducing Community.o and the Community.o Summit


The LLVM Foundation is excited to announce Community.o! This is a new face to the LLVM Foundation’s Diversity and Inclusion and Women in Compilers and Tools program. We’ve adopted a name to represent what this program hopes to accomplish which is to build a strong, healthy, and diverse open source community. We believe that this can only be achieved by including people from all backgrounds, genders, and experiences and by ensuring that everyone feels welcome, included, and empowered to contribute.

Why Community.o? The name is inspired by the compilation model where object files link together for a final program, much like how folks from different backgrounds come together to make up llvm’s community and shared goal of inclusivity.

While our main focus is on the LLVM community and the field of compilers and tools, we want to collaborate with other open source communities and provide resources and exchange ideas.

Are you interested in learning more, getting involved with Community.o or joining a specific group such as Women in Compilers and Tools? Please see the Community.o website.

Community.o Summit

On March 8-10, we will host our first Community.o Summit! This 3-day virtual event is an inclusive space for underrepresented groups and newcomers, anywhere in their career, interested in learning and contributing to compilers, tools, and programming languages. We’ll highlight members from different open source communities making incredible efforts to support a thriving environment. Summit attendees will enjoy interesting talks, panels, workshops, and have ample networking opportunities. Additionally, this summit will be engaging for anyone interested in increasing the diversity within the LLVM community or their related affiliations.

While the event is free, attendance is limited to provide the best experience for attendees and allow for better collaboration and networking. Please see the Community.o Summit website for more information and to apply to attend by February 26, 2021.