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The 2023 EuroLLVM Developers' Meeting Program

2023 EuroLLVM Developers' Meeting

The LLVM Foundation is excited to announce the 2023 EuroLLVM Developers' Meeting program! Early bird registration ends April 10th.


  • Order out of Chaos, The LLVM Release Process. - Tobias Hieta
  • “-fbounds-safety”: Enforcing bounds safety for production C code - Yeoul Na

Technical Talks:

  • An example of data flow analysis in MLIR - Tom Eccles
  • MLIR-based offline memory planning and other graph-level optimizations for - Deepak Panickal
  • A Rusty CHERI: The path to hardware capabilities in Rust - Lewis Revill
  • Extending the AArch32 JITLink backend - Stefan Gränitz
  • Using MLIR to Optimize Basic Linear Algebraic Subprograms - Steven Varoumas
  • Buddy Compiler: An MLIR-based Compilation Framework for Deep Learning Co-design - Hongbin Zhang
  • MachineScheduler - fine grain resource allocation using resource intervals. - Francesco Petrogalli
  • Inliner in MLIR - Javed Absar
  • How to use llvm-debuginfo-analyzer tool. - Carlos Alberto Enciso
  • Practical Global Merge Function with ThinLTO - Kyungwoo Lee
  • Prototyping MLIR in Python - Sasha Lopoukhine, Mathieu Fehr
  • Extensible and Composable Dataflow Analysis in MLIR - Jeff Niu
  • What would it take to remove debug intrinsics? - Jeremy Morse
  • Compiling Ruby (with MLIR) - Alex Denisov
  • What’s new in MLIR? - Mehdi Amini
  • Structured Bindings and How to Analyze Them - Domján Dániel
  • MLIR Dialect Design and Composition for Front-End Compilers - Jeff Niu
  • ML-LLVM-Tools: Towards Seamless Integration of Machine Learning in Compiler Optimizations - S. VenkataKeerthy, Siddharth Jain, Umesh Kalvakuntla
  • Optimizing the Linux Kernel with LLVM BOLT - Maksim Panchenko
  • mlir-meminfo : A Memory Model for MLIR - Kunwar Grover,Arjun Pitchanathan


  • Developing BOLT pass - Amir Ayupov
  • A whirlwind tour of the LLVM optimizer - Nikita Popov
  • Tutorial: Controllable Transformations in MLIR - Alex Zinenko
  • GlobalISel by example - Alex Bradbury

Quick Talks:

  • Iterative Compilation - Give the compiler a second chance - Ziv Ben Zion
  • Another level of indirection - Compiler Fallback of load/store into gather/scatter enhance compiler robustness by overcoming analysis and hardware limitations - Omer Aviram
  • Switch per function in LLVM - Tomer Nissim Schneider
  • Tensor Evolution - An ML Graph Optimization Technique - Javed Absar,Muthu Baskaran
  • ML-on-CPU: should vectorization happen in the LLVM backend or higher up the stack? - Elen Kalda
  • CORE-V LLVM: Adding eight vendor extensions to standard RISC-V LLVM - Charlie Keaney,Chunyu Liao (廖春玉),Lewis Revill
  • Advanced Bug Reports: Choose Your Own Adventure - Arseniy Zaostrovnykh
  • Multiple-Entry, Multiple-Exit MLIR Regions - Jeff Niu
  • Target-Independent Integer Arithmetic - Jeff Niu
  • Improving Vectorization for Loops with Control Flow - Ashutosh Nema
  • How to run the LLVM-Test Suite on GPUs and what you’ll find - Johannes Doerfert
  • OpenMP as GPU Kernel Language - Johannes Doerfert

Lightning Talks:

  • LLVM IR as an Embedded Domain-Specific Language - Nikita Baksalyar
  • Using MLIR for Dalvik Bytecode Analysis - Eduardo Blázquez
  • High school student’s experience with Clang - Yubo Hui
  • Spot the Difference with LLVM-FLOW: an open-source interactive visualization tool for comparing IR CFGs - Jinmyoung Lee
  • Leveraging MLIR for Better SYCL Compilation - Victor Lomüller
  • Arm/AArch64 Embedded Development with LLD : What’s New - Amilendra Kodithuwakku
  • Using automated tests to tune the -Og pipeline - Stephen Livermore-Tozer
  • Buddy-CAAS: Compiler As A Service for MLIR - Hongbin Zhang
  • llvm-buildmark - observations, tips, and tricks on reducing LLVM build times - Alex Bradbury
  • Lock Coarsening optimizations for loops in Java - Anna Thomas

Student Technical Talks

  • Cost Modelling for Register Allocation and Beyond - Aiden Grossman
  • A Template-Based Code Generation Approach for MLIR - Florian Drescher
  • MLIR Query Tool for easier exploration of the IR - Devajith Valaparambil Sreeramaswamy
  • mlirSynth: Synthesis of Domain-Specific Programs in MLIR - Alexander Brauckmann
  • Image Processing Ops as first class citizens in MLIR: write once, vectorise everywhere! - Prathamesh Tagore,Hongbin Zhang
  • Using the Clang data-flow framework for null-pointer analysis - Viktor Cseh
  • Fast and Vectorized Pivot Function for MLIR Presburger Library - Qi
  • RISC-V Vector Extension Support in MLIR: Motivation, Abstraction, and Application - Hongbin Zhang


  • Automatic Translation of C++ to Rust - Henrique Preto
  • A sustainable approach to have vector predication in the Loop Vectorizer - Lorenzo Albano
  • Performance Analysis of Undefined Behavior Optimizations - Lucian Popescu
  • Static Analysis for C++ Rust-Like Lifetime Annotations - Susana Monteiro
  • Leveraging MLIR for Better SYCL Compilation - Victor Lomüller
  • Forcefully Embedding MLIR into Python - George Mitenkov

We would also like to thank the program committee:

Kristof Beyls (Chair), Alex Bradbury, Alex Denisov, Anupama Chandrasekhar, David Spickett, Florian Hahn, Gabor Horvath,Hans Wennborg, Jakub Kuderski, Jonathan Springer, Jubi Taneja, Mehdi Amini, Michal Paczkowski, Min-Yih Hsu, Nadav Rotem, Paul Kirth, Petr Hosek, Quentin Colombet, Renato Golin, Stephen Neuendorffer, Timothy Harvey,and Tobias Grosser.

Register today to attend the 2023 EuroLLVM Developers' Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland.